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For consulting, quotes, courses, webinars, speech requests, to make me read your new book or to try the new service/tool you created, you can contact me using the form next here; I will be more than glad to answer you.

Neither you nor I have time to waste, have we?
That’s why I ask you not to write me for:

  • Job requests for free (the words “job” and “for free” don’t sound good together, do they?).
  • Guest Posts requests on my blog (As you can see there is only one author = I’m the only one who writes there).
  • Sponsored posts requests on my blog (Have a look around; Are there any?)
  • Press Release and Promotional Campaigns for the fantastic product/service you are going to launch on the market.
  • Any requests that find no feedback in the skills and services I can offer you.
    These kinds of requests will be rejected immediately.

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